Argumentative Analysis : Michael Grothaus Essay

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Argumentative Analysis #2
Michael Grothaus, a Journalist from London, England, experienced an enlightening and agitated moment as he began to write about and experience for a week not having the most essential technology that everybody uses in their daily lives. The cellphone, Michael explains that he was having a hard time to even begin to write his daily article as he was getting distracted by his cell phone (something I do as well along with some other who may be reading this!). With this said, he goes for a whole week without his cell phone and explained through his article the experiences and struggles without having his cell phone addiction.
A bright idea sparked into Grothaus when he sa down and wrote about his confession of his constant cell phone addiction. Beginning with it was a clever idea to add to the beginning because it relates to so many people that deal with procrastination as well as being addicted to other things as well.The whole challenge of not having a cellphone for a whole week was a high obligation, when Grothaus decided that he would limit his phone usage, he mentioned that he would only for text and call as stated. On the other end, most people as he mention would not even do it for a day, which most people would not do. The emotions that he has is quite parallel to most cellphone users experiences if they were to do the same. The article gives influence and a different perspective and feel. It is also noted that he mentions that he was born…

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