Essay on Argument Against The Ban On Tobacco Advertising

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1. arguments in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising in India The arguments in favor of the ban are fairly straightforward. First and foremost, there is the consideration of the proven and fatal effects of tobacco use. Those in favor clearly rely heavily on this issue. How can it be wrong to limit and decrease tobacco use, even if it is forcibly, so long as it saves lives? Looking at the entirety of the financial numbers, from the perspective of those in favor of the ban, there is no real or net loss of income or financial benefit to the economy stemming from the ban. Even if there was to be initial loss of income from taxes or from employment, those in favor of the ban cite higher healthcare costs due to tobacco use that would theoretically decrease as well as certain studies that state that employment would actually improve, given that funds generally spent on tobacco would not be held and unspent, but would still be spent in other ways.
2. arguments in opposition of the ban on tobacco advertising in India As is common in many cases like this, the supporters on the opposing side cite reasons that are diametrically opposed to the reasons listed by those in support. It depends on your perception and your perspective, as well as how you view and manipulate the data. Those opposed to the ban list decreased revenue, encroachment on personal civil rights and decreased impact of advertising and quality of product. Ultimately, the issue of personal freedom seems to be the…

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