Are Young Women On The Right Path Essay example

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Young women in the 21st century are manipulated by the image (sexualization) female celebrities illustrate in songs, social media, and advertisements. Endow with sexual activity by showing off their bodys ' any chance they get and dancing unseemly in their videos. Not only do girls admire them, but they want to be just like them, which effects young women 's character, behavior and development.
Starting at a young age girls are given Barbie dolls with the ideal perfect body. Girls around the ages of four to twelve own a reasonable amount of dolls. At the age of nine my cousin, Amber owned many Barbies '. Whenever a new Barbie would come out she would have it. Back then I wasn 't old enough to realize why she would always want them, because every little girl did, but now I do. Growing up her mother would constantly call her fat or over weight. She 'd poke Amber in the stomach and point out parts of her body she didn 't think was attractive. I remember specificly one day when I stayed over, Amber 's mother forced her to wake up around five in the morning to run laps. Barbies ' were her idols because her mother and Ruth Handler (creator of Barbie) instilled in her mind that being thin was a way of life. She was forced to believe that the body of each Barbie she owned was the body she had to have. Toys are designed for children to determine which career choice they want to pursue in life, but Barbies ' influence girls in a negative way, by…

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