Essay on Are You A Winner Or A Loser?

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Are you a winner or a loser? Do you cheer for your favorite sport team? What are your reactions when they have won or lost a game? I bet you would be upset when they lose a game. In the essay, “Blobbery,” Carli Tucker describes the intent of New Game Foundation, a group who wants to develop and promote non-competitive games where they are no losers or winners. It is because they think competition “encourages antagonism,” “traumatizes losers,” and “frequently creates ill feeling between losers and winners.” However, Tucker argues that people “play competitive games to validate their sense of worth” rather than “having fun interacting,” which is the aim of New Games Foundation. Why must we promote one type over another when we could have both? Both the New Game Foundation’s and Tucker’s views are worth considering because it would please everyone.
Why would we consider non-competitive activities that aim to eliminate competition and “have fun interacting, not to put someone else down”? In other words, activities that have no winners or losers. Activities that would shield potential losers from feeling bad themselves. Here is why. Many of us growing up with siblings and going to schools with friends. As it should be, our parents and teachers tell us to be nice to our siblings and friends. The implication of be nice is to have fun but do not make our friends or siblings feel bad. This very concept of be nice is similar to the New Game Foundation’s intent mentioned previously.…

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