Are The Hallways Safe? Essay

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Are the Hallways Safe?
There is a high school about thirty minutes east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In recent year the school has been figuring out a budget and going back and fourth with architecture firms for a thirty-two-million-dollar renovation. I had the great pleasure to attend the school at the time of the renovation’s start. I was in my senior year at the time construction had started. The reason for this is not just to complain about how the construction put a damper on my senior year of high school, but to explain how all of the construction chaos causes a poor educational environment and was not safe for students. This is still occurring too, as the renovations will continue for another two years.

“The construction is not conducive for a good learning environment”, says Nikki Laubham, a teacher and parent. This statement could not be more true in this case. An average day in Penn Trafford High School (PTHS) consists of ceiling tiles removed, mysterious liquids dripping from pipes, and rooms being changed around at the last moment. You wouldn’t believe that students still had to manage their way around this school. Hallways are closed down, carpet are ripped up, and even walls nocked down. This picture on the left was taken by Jackson Laubham, a sophomore at PTHS. “Having conditions like the one shown in the picture puts stress on students which will impair their leering ability”, comments Nikki when I showed her this picture. I had the pleasure of talking to…

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