Are Science and Religion in Conflict? - Paper

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Are Science and Religion in Conflict? The debate about the compatibility of science and religion has been quite ongoing for a while. Many clergy men do not believe that both institutions are in conflict with each other. In fact people have come to believe that they both complement each other. In other words, science provides an explanation where religion falters and religion provides an explanation where science falters. This argument has been used to quell inquiries into the relationship that exists
(or seems to) between science and religion. The argument being presented in this paper is very straightforward. It transcends the borders laid out by the proponents of the compatibility of science and religion regarding how they seem to
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Also, religion predates science and can even be said to be the framework on which science began. One often overlooked example of this kind of scenario is the very core of mathematics which is algebra. Algebra has its origin in the Islamic religion and has since been employed in teaching the mathematical aspects of science. Given this example, it is impossible for something that originated from another thing to be in conflict with the original parent. Religion may be termed as a parent to science and just like parents and their offspring; they complement each other and cannot be in conflict. Before science, there was religion and it successfully guided man to live according to the laws of nature. It provided the answers that man needed to survive before science came along. It was applicable even back then, and it is still applicable today. Although science has preferred explanations to what religion once termed as supernatural, it only sheds light on the unity that seems to exist between them. One is used to explain the other. In such way, they cannot be in conflict with each other. In practical sense, the counter-argument presented in the preceding paragraph has done very little to show that science and religion are not in conflict with each other. Religion cannot be used to

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