Are Individuals Who Practice Acts Of Cruelty Of Human Violence?

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Christian Hinds February 23, 2016
English 002
Are individuals who practice acts of animal brutality prone to committing acts of human violence? Five year-old Mary’s babysitter witnesses Mary swinging her newborn puppy around by the tail. Simultaneously, laughing at the animal’s clear distress. Is this a sign that five-year old Mary is going to turn out to be a serial killer? Research suggests that children who abuse animals have either witnessed or experienced abuse themselves. In fact, the association between animal abuse and interpersonal violence is so prevalent that many U.S. communities now recognize signs of animal abuse as possible indicators of other abusive behaviors. Yet, the assumption of suggesting that an individual who commits an act of animal cruelty, are perpetrators of other forms of violence, including child abuse, spousal abuse, and elder abuse is very opaque. Where can one draw the line to decide such accusations? For as far as I can remember society has always been quick to put a label on someone. Human motives for animal cruelty have not even been well researched; there are a number of additional developmentally related motivations for why an individual might decide to engage in an act of animal brutality. Whether a person should be labeled, as an individual who will eventually commit an act of human violence because they’ve at one point committed an act of animal brutality cannot be easily decided. Thus, the answer to the question of whether…

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