Essay about Are Ids Necessary? A Reliable Source Of Identification?

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Are IDs Necessary?
IDs come in all different shapes and sizes. There are some things that people might not even think are considered a reliable source of identification. There are two groups of IDs; primary and secondary. A primary ID for a US citizen are; driver’s license, state Id, military Id and US passports. The reasons these are primary Ids are because they have your picture, your current address, your date of birth, your signature and an expiration date. The reason these IDs are more widely accepted are because of the picture on them. There are a number of Secondary IDs. The most common are social security cards, birth certificates, employee IDs, a credit or debit card, and a car registration (Acceptable forms of identification , 2010). These in most cases do not contain photos. Most places do not accept secondary ids because they do not include enough information to verify who you are. Poof of identification is needed for many different reasons. People use items of identification all throughout their life. A social security number is issued to everyone when they are first born. When someone buys a car, a firearm, alcohol, prescription drugs, when they go to vote and even to open a bank account they are required to show some form of primary identification (Schow, 2013). A driver license is the most common source of id, eighty-nine percent of the US population have a driver license. A driver’s license includes preliminary information; the person’s…

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