Are Humans Morally Good Or Bad? Essay

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Are humans morally good or bad? This seems to be the question everyone wants an answer to, but really neither of these answers is the correct one. Humans aren 't necessarily morally good or bad, they are neutral. People will face many different situations throughout their lives that 'll change the way their mentality is set and test how they 'll react to certain scenarios. A person can 't be defined as good or bad simply because they do something positive or negative once in a while throughout their lives. Humans live their life doing both good and bad in the world that 's why they are morally neutral. Evidence that proves that people are morally neutral can be found in, The Horseman in the Sky, The Violence Within Us, Story of an Hour and Of Mice and Men.
In the short story The Horseman in the Sky by Ambrose Bierce a union soldier, Carter Druse, is appointed with the task of killing a confederate soldier riding his horse along the edge of a cliff. He doesn 't really want to do it but in the end decided realizes it 's his duty and it must be done. Druse shoots the horse sending the horse and the rider over the cliff. At the end of the story the reader learns that the soldier he had killed was his own father. Human neutrality can be seen in these words from the story “is it then so terrible to kill an enemy in war- an enemy who has surprised a secret vital to the safety of one’s self and comrades.” In other words, he is saying that he had a valid reason; he didn 't just do it…

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