Are Children Affected By Different Parenting Styles? Essay

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How are children affected by different parenting styles? Does parenting styles matter in raising children? Is parenting styles important in raising children? Parenting styles are the strategies that parents use to raise their children. This implies to the parents’ rules to control their children, expectations that parents want their children to achieve, demands that parents want their children to obey, and punishments that apply to their children whenever they don’t follow the established rules, meet their expectations, and demands. The behaviors of children are affected differently, depending on the parenting styles of either authoritarian, permissive, or authoritative parents. Parenting styles vary on parents in which they could be very strict, lenient, or partially strict and lenient.
Authoritarian parenting uses strict methods to control their children. Authoritarian parents are forcefully demanding and they are very hard to approach. They don’t have a strong relationship to their children because they don’t allow open discussions about how their children feel or why their children should follow their demands and rules. They set strict rules and high expectations on obeying their rules properly. Authoritarian parents don’t teach their children lessons through a conversation, but rather they set punishments to achieve obedience. Children who have authoritarian parents “tend to have less social skill and self-esteem” because of the lack of support and excessive pressuring…

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