Architecture Influence Of Roman Architecture

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At a particular time, the development of ancient Rome was the greatest of the world, however, it started as one small settlement. According to a Roman legend, “Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, twin foundlings who had been nursed by a she-wolf on the banks of the Tiber River, on the 21st of April, 753” (Adams, 1994). Despite art in Rome having its own local styles, the Romans continued to be influenced by the Greek. This influence is highly obvious in their sculptures, paintings, art and architecture. They associated their own gods with Greek gods and adopted Greek iconography; collectors would even import Greek works worldwide in massive numbers. Roman’s architecture and interior has contributed to many architecture and interior feats …show more content…
The great modern example that is inspired by the pantheon is the Roman Catholic Church in Mosta, which called “Rotunda of Mosta”, that was built, in the nineteenth centaury and designed by Maltese architect Giorgio Grognet de Vassé. Its dome is among the biggest on the planet.
Roman construction in architecture and interior has inspired advanced building design. Individuals utilize the strength and power in current spots There are large number of structures inspired by Romans in America, starting from the Capitol Building, and going all the way to houses. Architects and interior designers use features in the Romans' designs that are unique to them, keeping the Roman way alive.
Numerous extraordinary structures in the Roman Empire, for example, the Colosseum, have demonstrated how Roman style could be a motivation. Roman structural planning and inside also spread, as it is renown over the world. However, we can benefit for the experience of the Romans and apply what they have done in our designs today. For example, we can benefit from the fact that the arches span a huge territory by determining powers into compressive stress and, in turn reducing tensile stresses and the it supports weight above it then merge it with modern architecture elements. Added to that, we can’t hide the fact that the open oculus on the top of the building is a great idea for natural lighting effects instead of having the windows. So, we can use it even nowadays to benefit from the sunlight and reduce the need of

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