Controversy Over Affirmative Action: A Philosophical Divide

Affirmative action was to ensure that all Americans were treated equally disregarding their race. The meaning some how has lost its value and the understanding behind it. Diversity takes part in the controversial topic. For example, Blacks as a group have always acquired less education than Whites as a group. However, society stereotypically assume Blacks as weak minded when hearing dropouts.
There continues to be controversial wrangling over Affirmative Action Program, and the future of this program may be in jeopardy. The Affirmative Action program began as a simple idea. It was to expand equality and morphed into a schismatic topic. This plan was to execute equality among various races predominantly for more employment, and education opportunities.
The concept that was mostly focused on throughout the program was the racist barriers that were preventing talented black people from jobs and attending good schools, “ If a condition of genuine equal opportunity could be instituted, blacks in America could reasonably be expected to succeed at the same rate as whites -- without the aid of preferential treatment or lowered standards (Perazzo). The debate over affirmative action demarcates a philosophical divide. The different views separated how African Americans and
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Bakke. In 2008, several students were denied admission at the University of Texas. They filed lawsuit; students argued that they could not use race as a factor and that if there was race-neutral options, they would have the same diversity results. The judge decision about the case is that the University of Texas at Austin 's race-conscious admissions program is constitutional with a 4-3 vote. The Affirmative Action Program The case was sent back to the Fifth Circuit Court of if the University of Texas ' to determine if the affirmative action program passes this test, which it

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