Applications Of The Dairy Industry And What It Can Do For You

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Edge Computing
Applications in the Dairy Industry and What It Can Do For You

In the past 100 years, technology has come from patenting air conditioners and zippers to 3D printers, drones and self-driving cars. Never has the ancient occupation of farming had more resources at its disposal to improve production and sustainability. Most “precision agriculture” conversations focus on crop applications; using GPS and thermal imaging to detect areas of high pest populations or disease and using aggregated data to determine the best crops to plant in which soil, at what densities and with which protection products to extend the growing season and maximize the yield.
However, the dairy industry is far from being left behind in this technological explosion. With increasing urban populations and land prices, farmers have been increasing production to generate more income. This means larger herds, which results in more time required to properly monitor the cows. This is time that most farmers simply don’t have. Edge Computing technologies allow dairy farmers to better monitor their herd’s health and production remotely, decreasing labor and treatment costs while increasing yield, quality and animal comfort.
What is it?
Edge computing allows data to be collected at remote locations, transmitted to a central node to be aggregated and analyzed, then displayed as reports and anonymously shared with others. This technology is also known as Cloud Computing when data is aggregated and…

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