Application Of Virtue Ethics And Feminist Theory Essay

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Application of Virtue Ethics and Feminist Theory to Healthcare

Sylvia and Jack’s decision to coerce Olive to donate a kidney to Nancy can be assessed using different ethical theories. Specifically, analysis of Jack and Sylvia’s decision using virtue ethics and feminist theory both indicate that Jack and Sylvia didn’t take the correct course of action, suggesting that there may be other ethical considerations that play a role in decision making.

To determine whether Jack and Sylvia made the right decision, we must first understand virtue ethics and the feminist theory. Aristotle’s ethical thinking concerns how an individual can become a good person and develops good moral habits (Boetzkes, Waluchow xxxii). When using Aristotle’s method of ethical decision making, the virtue is a key concept to consider (Boetzkes, Waluchow xxxiii). Virtue is an acquired character trait that defines humans as a good person (Boetzkes, Waluchow xxxiii). The Aristotelian mean also needs to be considered when facing a moral dilemma (Boetzkes, Waluchow xxxiv). At the ends of the spectrum are the vice of deficiency and the vice of excess (Boetzkes, Waluchow xxxiv).The vice of deficiency is “doing too little” while the vice of excess is “doing too much”. Between the vice of deficiency and vice of excess, is the mean, where the virtue lies (Boetzkes, Waluchow xxxiv). The mean is taking an action that is just right for the moral dilemma. To determine what the Aristotelian mean is the…

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