Application Of Competent Family Practice With Same Sex Parents

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Jenna Mariotti
Modern Family
Literature Review #5
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Coates, Jacky, and Richard Sullivan. "Achieving Competent Family Practice With Same-Sex Parents: Some Promising Directions." Journal Of GLBT Family Studies 1.2 (2005): 89. Publisher Provided Full Text Searching File. Web. 2 Apr. 2016
This article explores the idea that because of the increasing recognition of same sex marriages in different authorities, it is important for family therapists to attain clinical expertise when dealing with same sex families. This paper uses the theoretical framework of competent family therapy practice along with queer theory to discus the different aspects of how a homosexual family functions and how the role delineation between parents. Having therapy as a way to unfold with the pressures of society is a way for the homosexual families to cope. So research is needed to see what methods work best to extinguish this prejudice and where the actual root cause of discrimination is coming from.
Jacky Coats, MA, is enrolled at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia. She is in the MSW program at the school of Social Work and Family Studies. Also, she is a counselor at the Domestic Violence Unit of the Vancouver, British Columbia, Police Department. Richard Sullivna, PhD, is the Associate Professor at the University of British Colombia School of Social Work and Family studies.

Key Terms and Concepts:
Family systems therapy: how therapists…

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