Application Of Classical Conditioning : Treatment Of Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Part I: Applications of Classical Conditioning
Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder The treatment of the dissociative identity disorder follows a consistent observance of psychological requirements. It is important to understand that therapists have the tendency to clearly understand the best practices regarding medication. Classical conditioning is one of the methods that can be used to ensure that dissociative identity disorder patients get their treatment. Dissociative identity disorder patients have the tendency to experience gaps in their memory Because the alters alternate in controlling the patient 's consciousness and behavior, the affected patient experiences long gaps in memory— gaps that far exceed typical episodes of forgetting that occur in those unaffected by DID (Mind Disorders, n.d., para. 3). In this case, they can forget what they did last week. For example, one can write something on a notebook and then forget. Therefore, dissociative identity disorder can undergo treatment with a strict classical conditioning. Classical conditioning involves training ones’ behavior to reflect on a certain line of thought or action. In this case, it becomes obvious that people suffering from dissociative identity disorder can get assistance. The treatment through classical conditioning will involve exposing the victim to a certain conditions. The environment should comply with his/her conditions so that treatment for them becomes…

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