Application For Your Profession ( 30 Points ) Essay

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Application to your profession (30 points):
• Based on your evaluation of the results, do you agree with the conclusions made by the author(s) in the discussion section? Explain your rationale. I believe the authors made an evaluation appropriate to the results of the study. The authors based the implication for school psychologist only on the correlations that were significant, and suggested improvements on practices of school psychologist based on results that were not significant. For instance, the authors suggested that school psychologist address beliefs about ADHD as well as evidence-based practice for addressing ADHD in the classroom. This suggestion was based on the results indicating that general knowledge of ADHD was not related to the use of effective classroom practices, so it is important to provide training that focuses on specific information. The concern I have about the evaluations of the results in the relations to the conclusions the authors made is the strength of the correlation coefficients. Many of the correlation coefficients were around a 0.20 or a -0.20, and it is my understanding that if r fell into the range of 0.3 to 0.1 it was considered a weak relationship. I believe that readers should question whether the authors should base the implications of the results based solely on the significance of the correlation and not consider the strength as well.
• Was sufficient evidence provided by the author to support the hypothesis? Support the…

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