Application For Building Finite State Machines Essay example

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I have always found the field of Finite Automata challenging but interesting. One of the most important applications of Finite State Machines is regular expression string matching. When I took Finite Automata at Fresno State, I had thought about implementing a graphical application for building finite state machines. My aim was just not to implement a graphical representation of the machines but also construct compact machines and perform improved string matching. Regular expressions also called pattern represent a set of strings and find their application in database and search engines. Finite Automata is an abstract but important part of Computer Science. There is still an area of regular expression matching which has not been paid enough attention. But with new found applications in areas like bioinformatics search engines, regular expression matching is gaining importance.

1.2 Aims and objectives
The aim of the project is to build a web app which efficiently converts regular expressions to finite state machines. The project focuses on building extremely small machines with minimal states and using them for improved string matching. Regular expressions are generally converted to FSMs for regular expression matching and this is most commonly done by using Thompson’s Construction. Though this construction is fairly simple and easy but suffers from performance due to the size of the machines generated. As it uses epsilons to combine machines, the construction becomes…

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