Application Essay For My Process

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The topic I chose to write about for my process essay is a Cesarean section commonly known as a C-section. Women sometime struggle to have a natural birth. Everyone is not able to carry out a full term pregnancy. The Cesarean section allows for fetal distressed babies or any unborn baby to be safely removed from the womb. This medical process dates back to the first successful recorded C-section in 1500.
A C-section was originally intended to be used when it is impossible or dangerous to deliver a baby vaginally. This technique may be used when a fetus is in fetal distress or can simply not fit through the mother’s pelvis. The birth complications could be very dangerous to the fetus and the C- section helped deliver the baby safely. The medical indications of a C-Section being needed are overshadowed by a large increase in Cesarean’s because of patient choice and convenience.
A Cesarean allows for the delivery of a baby through a horizontal or vertical incision that goes through the mother’s abdominal and uterine walls. Foregoing the procedure an anesthesiologist gives the mother epidural anesthesia. The anesthesiologist administers the anesthesia by injecting a locally acting anesthetic into the space around the spinal cord. A catheter is inserted into the urinary bladder to empty it out before the incision into the abdomen. A horizontal incision is made above the pubic bone, this type of cut heals readily and is cosmetically more appealing.
Once the pregnant uterus can…

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