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Financial Analysis Project
Rev 1.1

A Financial Analysis Project
Josie Chavez

Submitted to Kendra Huff, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance
College of Business Administration
Texas A&M University-Kingsville


Spring 2011

TABLE OF CONTENTS LIST OF TABLES iii LIST OF FIGURES v 1. CORPORATE OVERVIEW 1 1.1 Overview of Industry 1 1.2 Overview of Corporation 2 1.2.1 Product/Service Description 4 1.2.2 Earnings History 7 1.2.3 Stock History 8 1.2.4 Current News 9

2. FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 5 2.1 Income Statement 11 2.2 Balance Sheet 12 2.3 Statement of Stockholder’s Equity 14 2.4 Statement of Cash
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The hardware portion of Apple includes laptops, desktop, which consist of all-in-one designs that one you could consider a trademark, media peripherals and accessories. They have desktops, and operating systems for computers it sells. They also make other software for the Mac operating system which is used in their desktops and laptops. The iLife suite is more dedicated to the consumers in the multimedia field such as photography; music, movies, and DVDs. They also have iWork which is the equivalent of Microsoft Office. They also consist of any portable laptop devices such as MacBook, MacBook Pro, and the MacBook air. Each laptop is specifically made for a certain type of user such as professionals or consumers. Another main product that this company does offer is iTunes. They have been the first major company to give a free media player but also sell music through the player by the song instead of selling the whole album. They have expanded the itunes products to movies, books, audio books, games, podcasts and even application. They have also integrated the App Store and the iBook store for the iPhone, iPod and iTouch. The major breakthrough in this company's product line up is the iPhone. It is a smart phone handheld personal computing device which is used with AT&T service. Because of the iPhone many users have been influenced to purchase more Apple

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