Appeal Letter for Financial Aid Essay

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Dear Student of Financial Assistance:

This letter is to appeal the suspension of my financial aid for the 2008 spring term. During the academic year of 2004-2005 (Spring and Summer 2005), I was enrolled in a total of four classes, Intro to Business, African American Life, Intro to Psychology and Concepts of Biology but did not meet the minimum standards for academic progress which has cause my financial aid to be denied for my current enrollment for the 2008 Spring semester.

During the academic year of 2004-2005, I was on the immediate staff to the Secretary of the Army, Dr. Francis J. Harvey. I had a very tedious work schedule (12 hour shifts) which caused me to be in the office more than at home. During office hours I was unable
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Reinstating my financial aid will help me out tremendously; I am a single parent of two so I am a little worried about me covering all cost for the school year (books for classes, etc.). I am concerned that denial of my financial aid will result to me dropping some classes. I can not change the past but I can direct my future and failing is something that I will NOT allow this go round. I plan to take all extra precautions in making sure I

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