Appeal For Mccarthyism During The Cold War Essay

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Appeal for McCarthyism in the Cold War In the era following World War II, tensions between the United States and Soviet Russia were at their highest. Americans were on constant alert for an imminent nuclear war outbreak. This constant threat caused many Americans to become frightened. McCarthy gave people a relief to their stress, by giving them the belief that the government was successfully hunting down and capturing communists, and that McCarthy’s actions were preventing a war. In addition, anti-communist propaganda was utilized by the government to promote opposition to communism, and to create fear of communism. Americans also just wanted to fit in during this stressful time, which would prevent them from being accused, and they would say or do almost anything to prevent their own name from ending up on McCarthy’s list. Overall, the threat of imminent nuclear war, the second red scare, political anti-communist propaganda, and the idea of conformity were all direct factors in the spread of McCarthyism during the Cold War Era. During the Cold War, the threat of a sudden nuclear was in the minds of all Americans. This kept many people up at night, and was the cause of much stress and worry throughout the general population. People knew what would happen if either side ever hit that red button, it would be complete destruction of not just both countries, but the entire world. Even the great Albert Einstein knew the dangers of creating such devastatingly powerful weapons,…

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