Apology For Study Done Tuskegee Essay

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Rhetorical for Analysis on “Apology for Study Done in Tuskegee” The well-known and public "Apology for Study Done in Tuskegee." from William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton was approached in a way that caught both the empathetic and ethical listeners’ ears. The speech, meant as a request for forgiveness from the 399 African American participants in government run study that failed to disclose to its participants that they were infected with syphilis and subsequently, denied the participants treatment. This speech spoke volumes to African Americans and American’s in general; apologizing for the unethical treatment and medical practices endured by the victims and their families. Clinton used his political position as president of the United States to express his sorrow and grief for the medical experiments rendered on these people. Not only permanently affecting the unknowing participants, but their families as well. Clinton’s speech had an effective pathos approach; by describing the events that the applicants had to go through, it was easy for the audience to empathize with these men and their families. The speech also elicited an ethical response as these wrongdoings were committed by the Government and Medical Society, who took an Oath to “Do no harm.”
William J. Clinton (better known as Bill Clinton) was the 40th president of the United States. Although controversy once and still does surround his name due to illegitimate relations with an Employee of the white house during…

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