Essay on Apocalypse Soonish : The End Times Roll On

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Kevin Williamson writes in his essay “Apocalypse Soonish: The End Times Roll On” regarding the evergoing discussion of climate change and humanity 's’ love for apocalyptic drama. Williamson is an excellent writer who knows how to engage the reader with humor and wry comparisons as well as point out some obvious trends within the past that show how dramatic civilization can be. However, his frequent disregard for the consequences of the warming 's effects, inability to keep a concise argument and tone, and the recurrent misinterpretation of scientific findings, which makes it difficult to take his paper seriously.
In “Apocalypse Soonish” Williamson compares previous hypotheses and estimations of the earth’s future to current studies and media portrayals of climate change. He states that he believes the issue of climate change is less of the utter catastrophe that most news outlets seem to make it out to be, and that it will moreso be a problem humanity will adapt to with little struggle. He begins by noting how the IPCC apparently believes that global warming will only serve a minor inconvenience, and how people will simply need to mitigate and adapt in order to survive. The paper then moves to describe various apocalyptic predictions dating back to the beginnings of civilization to the present. These are compared to the current assumptions and discussions from both climatologists and those interested in the political debate presented around global warming, in which…

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