Apn Ethical Dilemma Case Study

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Roles of APN in ethical dilemma
An ethical dilemma “occurs when there is a conflict between two or more ethical principles; there is no correct decision” (Kelly, 2012). “The advanced practice nurse position emerged as a result of changing health care needs and workforce requirements” (Chang, Gardner, Duffield, & Ramis, 2011). The assistant nurse manager held many roles while resolving this situation. She was involved in assisting the collaboration between the health care provider, family and the bedside nurse. She served as an advocate for the patient, family and the bedside nurse. She served as a mentor for me as a new RN facing a difficult situation. I was able to observe and learn
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She used effective communication when talking to the health care provider and the family. She actively listened to them, maintained eye contact, and gave the impression she was working toward the same goal. In the end she offered helpful suggestions. She used critical thinking and kept in mind the ethical issues while presenting her case to the health care provider. She showed compassion in the way she approached the family and let them know their concerns were being addressed. She was very professional and confident in the way she handled the situation with all parties. She used ethical sensitivity to guide her approach in the situation. “Ethical sensitivity is the capacity to decide with intelligence and compassion, given uncertainty in a care situation, drawing as needed on a critical understanding of codes for ethical conduct, clinical experience, academic learning and self-knowledge, with an additional ability to anticipate consequences and the courage to act (Weaver, Morse, & Mitcham, 2008). There are six aspects of clinical judgement that were used by my assistant nurse manager in this situation. “Reasoning-in-transition: practical reasoning in an ongoing clinical situation” (Masters, 2015). She also used skills such as skilled know-how, response-based practice, agency, perceptual acuity, and the skill of …show more content…
A nurse uses focal virtues to guide her interactions with patients and their families. I witnessed my assistant nurse manager an advanced practice nurse with a bachelor’s degree resolve the ethical dilemma I described earlier. She expressed compassion to the patient and family. Compassion is defined as “a trait combining an attitude of active regard for another’s welfare with an awareness and emotional response of deep sympathy and discomfort at the other persons suffering” (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2014). She showed compassion by actively listening to the family’s concerns without judgement. She took time and allowed each daughter to express their feelings. Discernment is “insight into appropriate actions in given situations” (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2014). I believe this comes with experience. My assistant nurse manager had over twenty years of nursing experience. She was able to realize that the family needed her guidance at the time and was able to support them. “Trust is a confident belief in the moral character of another person” (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2014). The assistant nurse manager established a relationship with the family. She explained things to them in a kind manner. She assured them she was there to make sure their mother got the best possible care and was kept comfortable. Integrity is “the character trait of a coherent integration

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