Essay about Apartheid Laws Controlled Every Aspect Of Life

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Segregation was in South Africa even before apartheid became a law. Racial segregation was always a problem in South Africa after their colonization. South Africa was colonized by the English and the Dutch in the 1800s. Racial segregation was used by the justice system to suppress Black South Africans to maintain white dominance. Black South Africans were given harsh punishment for petite crimes that they committed. The justice system was in place to protect white South African at all means. Then came the apartheid law which was a law that was formally enforcing the separation of Black and White South Africans. Black South Africans were now even more limited in many aspects in their land. They now had restrictions for living, and working conditions. (Diana Gordon 40...) According to Diana Gordon, “apartheid laws controlled every aspect of life”. They lacked their basic rights as citizens of South Africa such as education and health care. The worst of it all they were taken from their ancestral homes into different territories to satisfy the whites need to stay closer to the cities. Native Black South Africans had to pay several taxes and were not allowed into certain areas of the country during certain hours. They had a curfew. They were now subject to poor living and sanitary conditions. The whites now controlled every aspect of the country; politics, economics, and cultural. The apartheid era was by far one of the most dehumanizing experience that…

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