Ap Human Geography Essay

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Issamel Velazquez
Human Geo
Chapter 14 Key Issue 1 1. A resource is a substance in the environment that is useful to people, is economically and technologically feasible to access, and is socially acceptable to use. 2. The problem is that most resources are limited, and Earth has a tremendous number of consumers. 3. Geographers observe two major misuses of resources: We deplete scarce resources, especially petroleum, natural gas, and coal, for energy production. We destroy resources through pollution of air, water, and soil. 4. Two kinds of natural resources are especially valuable to human’s minerals and energy resources. 5. Historically, people relied primarily on power supplied by themselves or by
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33. Coal forms in tropical locations, in lush, swampy areas rich in plants. 34. Similarly, sources of petroleum and natural gas formed millions of years ago from sediment deposited on the seafloor. 35. Russia possesses more than one-fourth of the world’s natural gas reserves. 36. Despite challenges in extracting the petroleum, extensive deposits of oil in Alberta oil sands have been reclassified from potential to proven reserves in recent years because of rapidly escalating petroleum prices. 37. Because MDCs consume more energy than they produce, they must import fossil fuels, especially petroleum, from LDCs. 38. Because of more rapid economic development in LDCs, the MDCs face greater competition in obtaining the worlds remaining supplies of fossil fuels. 39. The sharpest conflicts over energy will be centered on the world’s limited proven reserves of petroleum. 40. The United States produced more petroleum than it consumed during the first half of the twentieth century. 41. At first, Western companies set oil prices and paid Asian governments only a small percentage of their oil profits; but government policies changed in the petroleum-producing countries, especially during the 1970s. 42. OPECs Arab members were angry at North American and European countries for supporting Israel

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