Anxiety, Symptoms, And The Impact On Nursing Essay

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Anxiety; Development, Symptoms, and the Impact on Nursing
Anxiety can be referred to as an emotion or a disorder. The emotion can be distinguished by the feeling of unease about an upcoming event or an unusual circumstance. The nervous disorder is characterized by excessive worry that originates from no evident reason. Mundane tasks or interactions can trigger panic attacks or excessive anxiety in someone with this mental health disorder. Anxiety disorders will often interfere with a person’s daily life. The feeling of anxiety is often temporary in a person without the disorder, while people with the disorder have it long-term. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety is the most common mental illness in children and adults.
The Development of Anxiety in Children Anxiety disorders affect mental and physical development. Anxiety disorders are prevalent in childhood and adolescence. According to Esbjørn, the knowledge behind the development of anxiety is still narrow (2011). The limited knowledge we have about the development of anxiety leads to many children struggling with the disorder of anxiety alone. A child with an anxiety disorder that is not diagnosed may have impaired social and mental development (Esbjørn, 2011). It is crucial to understand the development of anxiety in children because it will help us improve our understanding of the disorder later in life, how to possibly prevent it, and better ways to treat it. The…

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