Essay about Anxiety Disorders And The Anxiety Disorder

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Anxiety disorders are one of the most common psychological disorders among humans. Both, adults and children alike suffer from anxiety disorders. According to textbook, about 15-20% children and adolescents suffer from anxiety disorder (Weis, 2014).
Prevalence of anxiety is much higher in girls compared to boys and adolescents have a higher chance of suffering from anxiety disorder compared to children. According to Weis (2014), anxiety disorders tends to increase with age when we take gender ratio in consideration.
Before we discuss the topic of anxiety disorders in further detail, let’s examine what anxiety actually is and what is the difference between normal anxiety versus maladaptive anxiety.
Anxiety is an intricate state of psychological distress reflecting emotional, behavioral, physiological, and cognitive responses to intimidating stimuli. Anxiety can be categorized into two types: fear and worry.
Fear is a behavioral and physiological response to immediate threat where a person responds to impending threat by fighting or fleeing. Fear can be expressed in many ways and in many situations. For example, an undergraduate might experience fear for his upcoming statistics exam that he did not prepare for.
This undergraduate, while taking the exam, might feel his pulse palpitating, his breathing might become shallow, and he might start getting lightheaded. Due to the fear of failing the exam, he might experience panic and have a strong desire to run out of the class.…

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