The Yellow Wallpaper Mood

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In Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story “The Yellow Wallpaper,” the narrator is living her life with a lot of anxiety and depression. Not only is she living with “nervous depression” (Gilman 29), but she is also living with her husband, John, who is constantly belittling her about her illness, and her thoughts in general. The narrator is slowly getting crazier as the story goes on, and yet no one believes her that her illness is real and she should get help. Johns tells her that doing absolutely nothing is the only thing that is going to help her get better, but quite honestly it makes her illness worse. She begins writing in a journal to get her mind off of her illness. She starts writing about the house, but she writes about disturbing …show more content…
Through the entire story the narrator is showing the audience that she has severe anxiety and depression, and that no one is helping her. The story definitely depends on how the narrator is acting or feeling, and if it wasn’t for her illness the causing all this extra scenery, the story would be boing. The tone also ties in with the setting. Back in the 19th century, women were property of their husband, and were supposed to do everything they were told. So, her husband ignoring her and saying that her illness isn’t real and the narrator doing nothing explains the time setting. The tone of this story fits perfectly with the setting. Because the narrator is a women and is supposed to obey everything her husband says, she tries everything to try and help herself. In conclusion, in The Yellow Wallpaper is telling a story about a woman who has health issues but is constantly ignored by her husband. The narrators has no self expression throughout the entire story because she is inferior to her husband because of the time period. Instead of the narrator living her life through her husband, she should’ve went out and seeked help right away. If she would have she wouldn’t have had to life an insanely crazy

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