Antwone Fisher Is An African American Male Essay

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Antwone Fisher is an African-American Male. His birth parents are Edward Elkins and Eva Mae Fisher. Both of his parents are of African-American descent. Antwone’s mother murdered his father two months before he was born, leaving Antwone Fisher growing up never knowing his father. Her inappropriate behavior resulted in being sentenced to prison. Antwone Fisher was born while his mother was incarcerated. Antwone Fisher has suffered from sexual abuse, trauma, emotional neglect, severe verbal abuse and abandonment. The client presented signs of emotional distress, poor anger management abilities and PTSD from past traumas that had yet to be resolved. Antwone Fisher was prone to displaying physical aggression anytime presented with overwhelming circumstances. Antwone Fisher has a difficult time adjusting socially without responding to inappropriate reactions. Studies from the Crime Against Children’s Research Center dictate higher percentages of sexual abuse cases reported are not from strangers, but from family members, this happens to have been the case for Antwone. Antwone sexual abuse started at a very young age. According to reports from the Children’s Assessment Center more than two-thirds of childhood sexual abuse survivors do not report the abuse to the authorities within the first year of the occurrence, while less than half choose not to tell anyone for a minimum of five years. The silence that child victims keep is due to the psychological effects brought on by the…

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