Essay on Antowne Fisher

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Antwone Fisher


Erik Erikson, a developmental psychologist, stated the first stage of human development is one of the most important. Because an infant is entirely dependent upon his or her caregivers, the quality of care plays an important role in the shaping of the child’s personality. In the case of Antowne Fisher, with his unfortunate circumstance of the death of his father and the incarceration of his mother, he lacked the care and love only parents can provide. However, once he entered the foster care system, Mrs. Nellie Strange, a savior of sort and his foster mother, became the tool in his development through the first stage of Erickson’s stages of development. It is evident within the first
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However, we also later learn that even if an individual may embody oneself as a mother, in case of Mizz Pickett, they must carry the trait of caring, love, and affection to gain the trust of the child. Autonomy vs. shame is Erickson’s second stage of development, one through which Antwone has also journeyed through unharmed as he did in the first stage. Even though losing through his relationship with Mrs. Strange who represented security and care, before the age of three, he was still capable of learning the skills of self-reliance. That is, “Antwone crawls all over the place, stands and walks holding onto things, he says hi and bye bye…he smiles a good deal and appears to be a well-cared for child” (Fisher, p. 23). Unfortunately, his development, soon, takes a turn for the worst and we realize the extensive impairment he will endure. He is moved to a different foster family, the Picketts. Mr. Pickett, a preacher, is as much distant as Mizz Pickett is dominative, manipulative, physically and psychologically abusive. The heinous abuses on Antwone, both of physical and emotional form, started at an early age. We must not also forget the sexual abuses he endured as the effects will manifest itself later in his life. At this stage in his life, according to Erikson, the primary developmental focus should be on the dominance of initiative over guilt, however, the “psychosocial features of conflict

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