Essay about Anton Chekhov 's The Bear

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Anton Chekhov was a Russian playwright who composed the entertaining comedy “The Bear”. It is a play about a conflict between two very opposite characters that ends up working out in the end. While Anton Chekhov was growing up his family often faced financial issues which could have given him the inspiration to write this play (biography). This comedy shares similar characteristics with old fashioned Greek comedies that make them funny and entertaining for the audience reading or watching the performance. Certain elements in the play are important to bring the humor out in the work. Either by reading or watching the play “The Bear” is an enjoyable piece of work. A key element that makes a comedy a comedy is the ending. Comedies are supposed to have happy endings with a resolution to the conflict that had occurred during the play. In “The Bear” the ending did not have a resolution for the initial conflict that was brought up but it was indeed a happy ending. Grigory Smirnov showed up to Ms. Popova’s house to collect a debt that her late husband owed him for oats. Ms. Popova didn 't have the money in her possession at the moment and Grigory Smirnov needed it to pay a debt he owed, this brought about the initial conflict. Whether he got the money or not was never stated at the end but a new relationship did end up forming. Since Ms. Popova didn 't have the money Grigory and her got into a very heated argument that took place throughout the play and got so severe that they…

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