Antigone Essay

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In Antigone, by Sophocles, two sisters, Ismene and Antigone, have two different views on what it means to be human. Ismene understand “being human” or “life” in a biological sense. She believes in continuing, by being a female, in continuing the family bloodline. Antigone however, understands “being human” in a sense of family honor and reputation. Both are important, but neither is right nor wrong. Creon, the ruler, has his own views on how to rule the city. He believes that he is in charge and everyone is to do as said with no questions. Ismene’s view of life is biologically impacted. Although she loves her brother, Polyneices, it is against the law to bury him according to Creon. Creon having set law that anyone to touch the corpse to …show more content…
It will be good To die, so doing. I shall lie by his side, Loving him as he loved me; I shall be A criminal—but a religious one. The time in which I must please those that are dead Is longer than I must please those of this world. For there I shall lie forever. You, if you life, Can cast dishonor on what the gods have honored. (Antigone. 72-76) This quote, explaining Antigone’s feelings of what is considered right in the eyes of the gods, shows that honor is the most important thing in life. Even though death will follow, lying next to her brother in honor forever is all life is about. Creon’s understanding of being human is to be obedient. Through this belief man shall honor their city and follow the laws provided. It is impossible to know any man— I mean his soul, intelligence, and judgement— Until he shows his skill in rule and law. I think that a man supreme ruler of a whole city, If he does not reach for the best counsel for her, But through some fear, keeps his tongue under lock and key, Him I judge the worst of any; I have always judged sol and anyone thinking Another man more a friend than his own country, (Antigone. 175-182) Creon’s view of being human as being an obedient follower

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