Antigone By Sophocles ' Antigone Essay

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Throughout the play of Antigone, Sophocles emphasizes Antigone’s unexpected masculinity, her determination to correct a wrong, and her defiance of the patriarchal system led by Creon in order to show that society is hostile to deviant females. When Antigone takes the role of executing the burial of her brother’s body, she is unexpectedly assuming masculine traits, as Ancient Greek women were not the first ones to bury their loved ones, and is receiving societal backlash when she does so. When Creon questions the sentry about Antigone’s actions, he says, “Immediately she scoops up earth—a dry ’andful like—and sprinkles it. Then ’olding up a shapely brazen urn, she pours three libations for the dead” (Sophocles 209). This description talks about the burial process that Antigone took up, even though she was not supposed to do such a thing, because it is seen as a man’s job. She even goes so far as to conduct all the proper rituals in a burial as accurately as possible, given the short amount of time she has before getting caught. The Sentry is describing this to a shocked Creon, who finds out that his edict has been violated by a female. It is not surprising that Creon is shocked, because “[n]o extant historical evidence documents the role of women or female relatives as the traditional controllers or managers of funeral rites [but rather as] the receivers of the body once a male has taken charge of the body” (Hame). According to the evidence cited by Hame, Antigone would have…

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