Antigone : A Tragic Hero Essay

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In the play, Antigone, Oedipus has already died. His two sons, Polyneices and Eteocles, left to compete for the throne of Thebes. In their battle for the throne, the two brothers slay one another, leaving Creon once again to be the acting ruler of Thebes. With this power, Creon announces that Polyneices must be left to disposition on the battlefield, the highest disrespect to any Greek. Antigone, Opedius’ daughter, is left split between the state or the family, and in the end, she chooses family over the state.
Ignoring Creon 's command with grave crisis to herself, Antigone attempts to bury Polyneices’ body, and as follows she begins her adventure. Antigone is truly a tragic hero, marked by her station as the son of Oedipus, and her pleasing and perhaps aloof traits which will lead to her eventual, inevitable, tragic ending. At her tale starts, Antigone is the daughter of royalty, but more than that, a daughter of a horrible tragedy: through an unwitting horror story. Before his death, Oedipus had blinded himself, adding to the tragedy. However, Antigone 's own tragedy was still unfolding. Through her pleasing and unrelenting character, Antigone is determined to give her brother a rightful burial, despite Creon 's order.
At first, Antigone seeks her sister, Ismene’s help, but when she realizes the fear and submissive attitude that Ismene obtains, Antigone ignores it as even an option, another example of perhaps Antigone 's tragic imperfection, her own aloofness. As the tale…

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