Essay on Antigone : A Tragic Hero

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There are many people in this world who when in an argument or given advice, they don 't listen or they only see their side because they think they are always right and never wrong. The play is Antigone, it 's part of the Oedipus trilogy, which is three plays which follows Oedipus and his children. Antigone is about his two daughters, Antigone and ismene, the king Creon orders one of her brothers to be buried and the other to be left out to rot, Antigone goes against the king 's orders, she is caught and sentenced to death. Creon 's son, Haemon who is Antigone’s fiance comes to plead for her life, Creon doesn 't listen to him and has Antigone place in a cave to die, Haemon kills himself which drives his mother, Creon 's wife to kill herself leaving Creon all alone. The author was Sophocles, a greek playwright who won many awards for his work. Creon is shown as a tragic heroes in his interaction with Antigone in the play Antigone, he i shown with different views on Rules and Order, Power and Fate and Free will. I with be discussing how Creon is selfish, power hungry and stubborn. Creon is a very stubborn person, this can be see when he catches Antigone and talks to her saying that what she has done was wrong and that everyone on thebes agrees with him and sees her as a traitor, This character interaction show Creon’s selfishness and show the theme of rules and order. Creon, line 575 says “In all of Thebes, you’re the only one who looks at things that way.” In this quote,…

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