Anti Retroviral Medication At The Hiv Centre Essay

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There was a boy named Sanjay, a 12-year-old orphan who was on regular anti-retroviral medication at the HIV centre I was in charge of. He lived probably the harshest life I had heard of- sleeping underneath trucks at night and salvaging food from the garbage bins at local eateries. When he would visit for his monthly check up I would share my lunch with him. After 7 months and 25 days of caring for him, he said goodbye and never returned to our centre.

Despite our best efforts to locate him, that was the last we saw of him. We had the medicines, the clinics, the staff but still could do nothing to alter his fate. It was this painful interaction with him that made me realise that health & disease were not quite the black & white picture my medical school textbooks portrayed. Instead, they belonged to a much larger, complex, evolving organism, with far-reaching effects.

As an Intern at Christian Medical College & Hospital (CMC), Vellore. I had the opportunity to serve in remote rural communities, running health clinics and maternity check-ups. My time here put me in the midst of health policy implementation and first-hand experience.

I was soon appointed as the Medical Officer of CMC 's publicly funded HIV Centre, being directly responsible for over 2000 patients. Heading a team of nurses, pharmacists & social workers we worked to ensure all of our patients benefited from the various health schemes & policies. I was also responsible for training nurses, medical students…

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