Anti Marxist Marxism : `` Corollary `` By Hughes Allison Essay

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Anti-Marxist Ideology in “Corollary” by Hughes Allison
“Corollary” by Hughes Allison is a shocking tale of detective fiction that perfectly reflects anti-Marxist rhetoric. A seemingly revolutionary tale that tells the story of a rare and successful Black detective, the obvious elements of the story overshadow the detective’s powerless actions and his brainwashed nature. Furthermore, Johnson the driver reflects the brutal racial and economic inequality that engulfs the colored working class. This story’s capitalist agenda is also reflected in its blurred racial and social lines; Prophet Hameed’s presentation as a problem not a mere byproduct of the unachievable American dream best represents the misunderstood the racial standings in the story. “Corollary” reflects and berates Marxist theory through the struggle of the oppressed and brainwashed citizen in both the detective and the driver, presenting their struggle, failure to break social ques and defeat by overwhelming capitalism as a happy ending.
Detective Joe Hill reflects the oppressed and unaware middle class due to his false power and determination to serve capitalist interest. Hill’s badge is anything but symbol of power in the story; instead it is merely a reflection of his false belief that he is a successful part of the hierarchy serving his own interests. Presented in the statement “snatched a gold-plated shield out of his pocket [….] he said ‘Cop!’” (Allison 92), the badge is merely an illusion as Hill heads…

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