Anti Immigration Laws Should Be Banned Essay

1315 Words Dec 1st, 2016 6 Pages
To this day, thousands of families are affected by the passing and enforcement of anti-immigration laws. Innocent people are being separated from their loved ones and even children’s academic performance is worsening. Some individuals believe that the immigration laws being enforced today are too lenient and stricter laws should be passed to keep immigrants out of the country. They believe that immigrants are taking all of the jobs and overpopulating the United States. What these individuals do not take into consideration is the psychological effects the enforcement of anti-immigration laws cause. A number of people are affected by anti-immigration laws, for example some are stuck in their dangerous home country and do not have the opportunity to immigrate or on the other end there is a family desperately waiting for their family member to reunite with them in a better and safer place. Although there are issues like overpopulation that could occur if pro-immigration laws were to override anti-immigration laws, the effects that strict anti-immigration laws have on the public outweighs any issues pro-immigration laws could cause.
The United States has gone through a handful of phases regarding immigration and still is. It wasn’t until 1875 that Congress declared the regulation of immigration a federal responsibility. Up until then, people came and left the country whenever they wanted. The immigration service wasn’t established until 1891, in response to the large increase of…

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