Anti Defamation League : The World War I Essay

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Anti-Defamation League took a poll of over one hundred countries and found that more than ¼ of the countries surveyed had Anti-Semitic attitudes. Antisemitism has been around for centuries, but it was after the first world war that the dangers of these views began to certainly ramp up, Jewish people faced hatred during WWI, WWII, and even today.
Antisemitic views and values existed long before WWI, even dating all the way back to the time of the Romans and before. In this time many Christians blamed the Jewish people for the crucifixion of Christ, forcing them to endure the destruction of their temples and the scattering of their people. “. . . trends that developed during and immediately after the World War I brought antisemitism, including its racist variant, into the mainstream of European politics” (“Antisemitism in History: World War I”). People like Hitler blamed the Jewish people for loosing the war and began the idea that the Jews betrayed the Germans, even creating propaganda about the Jewish “stab-in-back” legend. People believed that the Jews, and communist, were primary traitors in the war. Others said that all Jewish people were connected to communist dictatorship. One of the common reasons that the Germans gave the Jewish people a negative reputation was because the leaders refused to take personal responsibility over the consequences of the war. “Among the new stereotypes regarding the "behavior" of Jews that appeared in the wake of World War I and that were…

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