Anti-Capitalistic Hero In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman?

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Often considered the best work of American theater to date, the tragedy Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller leaves room for much more than simply theatrical analysis. The play gives us one of the most unique glimpses into post-World War II America that is available to us today. Arthur Miller attaches the capitalistic ideals of America to his characters, thus accurately portraying the standard middle class family of the 1940s. The play’s tragic hero Willy Loman, a Jewish man, is a representation of the negative outcomes of capitalistic reliance. His tragic death stirred the minds of anti-communist Americans at the play’s release and continues to provide excellent historical outlooks to this day. In his claim to fame work Death of a Salesman, …show more content…
During the 1940s the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) set out to find communist sympathizers and supporters, and often targeted people in the movie industry throughout Hollywood, blacklisting communist supporters. Film director Elia Kazan teamed up with Arthur Miller in 1947, and both dreamed to take their partnership to Hollywood (Wakeford). But they could not escape the anti-communist grasp of HUAC. Studios repeatedly turned Miller and Kazan away, as a result of Kazan’s brief membership of the Communist Party in the 1930s, and Miller’s open sympathy towards communists (Wakeford). In later years Kazan became anti-communist, and to save his career revealed the names of Hollywood communist supporters to HUAC, including Miller. Thus ending their friendship (Wakeford). The almost anti-capitalistic influence is present in Miller’s Death of a Salesman. Main character Willy Loman relies too heavily on capitalism, and a result reaches a tragic death. Perhaps this story about failure of capitalism was inspired by HUAC and the anti-communist mindset that grew in America. This further shows how Miller utilized his tragic hero to portray the failure of American

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