Anthropology Essay Assignment

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Assignment 1
Heather Hartwig
American Military University
October 21, 2012

Assignment 1

1) Discuss what evolution is in terms of physical anthropology. Evolution refers to "change over time". In terms of physical anthropology, evolution is changes over time in living organisms. This means that living things have passed their traits from one generation to the next. There are very little changes that occur with each generation, but over time these changes accumulate in each living organism. It is believed that all life on Earth has common ancestry that lived more than 3.5 billions of years ago (Park, 2008).

2) Define evolution. Evolution is defined as the idea or scientific theory that was proposed by
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The purpose of archaeology is not only to recover ancient artifacts but to identify the relationship that these objects may have had with early human life. It also shows how early human primates and modern humans are closely related.

9) Discuss what an anthropologist from your chosen subfield may examine/investigate in order to study evolution. Archaeologists have investigated fossils and remains of early humans and primates to show how human posture has changed over the years. The information that has been collected shows us a timeline of how much we have evolved since the discovery of the earliest human remains (Park, 2008).

10) Discuss ‘how’ an anthropologist from your chosen subfield would study your answer for Q9, and why it is helpful for studying evolution. Archaeologists have reconstructed human and primate remains that they have discovered to show how closely we are related to each other. They have used the information that they discovered to prove that humans have evolved from and can be compared to the primate species. Compared to earlier species, modern humans have evolved into a more upright species. Early humans were found to have a more curved posture (Palmer, 2010). The archaeological information that is recorded proves that there is another explanation for our species other than what

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