Anthropology, Anthropology And Physical Anthropology Essay

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Anthropology, the study of humankind, has four main branches: Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Linguistic Anthropology and Physical Anthropology (Larsen 2014). Physical Anthropology focuses mainly on uncovering the mysteries of human evolution by studying fossilized bones of ancient humans and primates to determine their place in our family tree and study what circumstances led to the evolution of the modern human (Larsen 2014). There is a specialty within Physical Anthropology called Forensic Anthropology that "examine skeletons to identify who they were in life" (Larsen 2014:6). Some from that field apply that extensive knowledge of bones to the remains of modern humans to help investigators determine the circumstances surrounding the death of that person and whether or not they have been murdered. This paper will focus on how those forensic anthropologists identify victims by calculating their age, sex and ancestry. Then through the use of facial reconstruction techniques, present a picture of what the victim may have looked like while living. Finally we will explore how they help other scientists and investigators uncover the cause of death.

Just like detectives look for clues when trying to solve any criminal case, forensic anthropologists look for clues in the bones of a dead body to identify the person. After examining the remains and determining that the bones are from a human (Larson et al. 2011), the forensic anthropologist will work on finding the sex of those…

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