Essay On Anthropic Coincidences

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There are several different anthropic coincidences that explains the overall reason for the belief of the Anthropic principle and how the universe is precisely designed for the purpose of human life, evolution and survival. One of the many different anthropic coincidences is “The Strength of the Strong Nuclear Force”. This theory says that if the strong nuclear force had fluctuated even microscopically stronger or weaker, then the world would have never existed. The strong force holds nuclei together. There are about a hundred naturally occurring chemical elements, each of these elements are jointed together by the strong force to make particles and objects. If any of these connections are distorted in any way, elements as we know them would …show more content…
There are three alternative explanation of anthropic coincidence that Barr states, but only goes into detail with the first two alternative explanation: 1) They are just coincidences, pure and simple, 2) Anthropic coincidences have a purely natural, scientific explanation, 3) Anthropic coincidences show that we were deliberately ‘built in from the beginning’ by God. The first alternative explanation can never be ruled out, because even if there was a mountain of evidence in favor of or against this coincidence there will always be those to argue for either position.
Alternative two is in itself reducible to coincidence. Does the earth no orbit the sun in such a way that it is never too close to burn-up and never so far away to freeze solid. The diameter, dimensions, and rotation of the earth just slight off center gives just the right amount of gravitational push and pull that it is consistent with organic life to develop and thrive. All these aspects of nature can be explained by science and at the same time can be considered anthropic coincidences. Barr takes this concept even deeper discussing multiple dimensions within our universe and multiple universes act completely independent from each other. Barr leans more toward the theory of multiple dimensions within the same universe, but believes that these universes are beyond the reach of each other. These are only theories and something to consider when think about creation, evolution, humanity, and

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