Anthem For Doomed Youth By Wilfred Owen Essay

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Anthem for Doomed Youth” Poetry Analysis In Wilfred Owen’s sonnet, “Anthem for Doomed Youth,” the artist questions the sanctity of death for those who go to war. He uses some outdated language, but after some understanding one would find that the same words are also full of vivid descriptions about the harsh reality of war. He combines these descriptions with a tone full of sadness to create imagery that is both powerful and moving. To help give the poem life, Owen also uses a number of rhetorical devices like alliteration and a slant rhyme. These rhetorical devices also grab the reader’s attention and allow the poem to flow. Owen’s combination of literal meaning, vivid diction throughout the poem, and the sad tone of the poem allow the author to propose such a difficult topic such as war burials. The literal meaning of Owen’s poem is hard to pinpoint but it is easy to comprehend the general idea. Owen starts by raising his question behind the poem: What is being done to honor those who die in war? He then proceeds to make somewhat ironic remarks about the “passing bells” (1) for the dead soldiers being more gunshots. He states that the only prayers come from those with a fear of being shot at. There are no prayers or bells or choirs on the battlefield. Those are replaced by the sounds of mortar shells and bugles. He then asks if a candlelight vigil would be an appropriate ceremony but quickly changes his mind, stating that the “candles” (9) or light would be in the eyes…

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