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Boeing understands that purchasing an aircraft is a complicated and hesitant process, so they invested heavily on customer relationships which would ultimately result in customer satisfaction. As a technique Boeing has individual salespeople heading extensive teams of company specialists, for example, sales and service technicians, financial analysts, planners, engineers are all working together to understand and satisfy customers wants and needs. These teams are intended to work closely with their clients throughout the lengthy buying process; even staying in constant contact after the actual sale is made to ensure the customer stays satisfied. This strategy is relevant to the buying situations present because to get customers interested in their aircraft they would need strong relationships full of trust for them to leave their current supplier (Airbus) and try a relatively new product, like Alan Mallaly, the head of Boeing's commercial airplane division said, "When you buy an airplane, it is like getting married, it is a long-term relationship." In addition, another strategy used is putting an emphasis on how innovative the Dreamliner is and the new features and benefits associated with it, hence, creating a buzz curiosity and awareness simultaneously. The innovation of the Dreamliner not only differentiates itself from other products on the market but it also appeals to its customers for there is need for

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