Anorexia Nervosa Is A Mental Disorder Essay

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Introduction Anorexia nervosa is a mental disorder in people which characterized by a distorted perception of their own body, unreasonable fear of obesity, refusal to maintain a minimally adequate body weight, and in women the absence of menstruation. People with anorexia intensively control their weight and shape. They limit the amount of food they eat; they vomit after eating or use laxatives, diet aids, diuretics or enemas. Also, people with anorexia exercise a lot (National Institute of Mental Health, 2015). About 90% of people suffering from this disease are women. It usually begins in adolescence or at least in adults. Anorexia nervosa primarily affects the representatives of disadvantaged groups. In western society, the number of people with the disease in recent years is increasing (Anorexia nervosa, 2013). Anorexia nervosa may be mild and transient or severe and prolonged. The probability of mortality in this disorder ranging from 5 to 10%. However, since mild cases may not be diagnosed, no one knows exactly how many people actually suffer from anorexia nervosa and what is in fact the death rate from it (Anorexia nervosa, 2004).
According to Harvard Medical School, "the symptoms of anorexia nervosa include the following:
• Significant weight loss (more than 15% of ideal body weight)
• Extreme dieting, including skipping meals or extended fasting
• Obsessions about food and fears about eating in public
• Obsessive exercise
• Use of laxatives
• Binging…

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