Anorexia Is An Emotional Disorder Essay

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Anorexia is an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat. There are many eating disorders that many people, especially women considers it dieting. Anorexia became popular in the sixties, but it was not defined until the eighties by scientist. In the twenty centuries when anorexia was known by many people. I knew what was anorexia or self-starvation; however, the diet I did for three months led me to many anorexic problems. Mostly who have the anorexic disease is female, is self- confidence makes female starve themselves? Today, most models knows the effect of anorexia, they still starve themselves to stay thin; moreover, is it required to be skinny to be a model?
1684, the word anorexia was discovered, but it was not described until 1870’s. It was known by psychologists and sociologist. They defined it as the birth of a new disease. The diseases were very effective, many young women saw it as the best for them to starve themselves to stay thin. Psychologist and sociologist explained that this disease was used and getting popular because of the culture we live in.
Although, anorexia was known by psychologist and sociologist in the sixties many people did not know what anorexia was until the end of the twentieth century. The beginning of 1970’s when the American media start to write about anorexia and the population of young women who considers it as a good diet. In the 1980’s until today, many scientists studied the…

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