Essay about Announcements : Dr. Packer Will Conduct Today 's Meeting

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• Dr. Sandhouse is at the NBOME and Dr. Packer will conduct today’s meeting. Dr. Wallace is in Phoenix at the Council of Dean’s meeting.
• No Faculty Council Meeting in the month of December.
Dean’s Time
Committee, Department and Task Force Reports:
a. COM Administrative Council – Dr. Wallace – N/A
b. Admissions Committee – Dr. Packer – Tentatively there are 167 students accepted for a class. The college has enhanced the number undergraduate dual admit and doubled the numbers of the MBS program. There are 36 candidates that might join us next year. There are 9,923 COM applications and 4,000 of those have completed their secondary application.
c. Student Services – Dr. Wilson – N/A
d. Curriculum Committee – Dr. Thomas – N/A
e. Pre-Clinical Education – Dr. Hilda DeGaetano – Report submitted with meeting materials. Moving forward with ExamSoft for several courses with the hopes of using it for all courses starting July.
a. Dr. Wilkinson – The renovations at the Anatomy lab were completed and with the new Anatomy lab come a new protocol and procedures. All the students in the Anatomy class starting in December will be required to have a particular equipment.
f. Clinical Education – Dr. Joseph DeGaetano (On behalf of Dr. Newman) – Bringing Palm Beach Garden new training center as a new clinical campus for the training of our students starting in July. The department is continuing visits to core campuses. Block schedule program for the 3rd year students will…

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